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We are an innovative EU based platform for assisting

industry and business to meet the increasing demand for “greening” via R&D, consulting and providing tailored-made “green” services and solutions

Where we are today?

The challenges put by the climate change and the need to mitigate its consequences for the nature and the mankind requires a global, pro-active, comprehensive and co-ordinated approach.

The climate change is already deeply impacting a large number of spheres and industries. The terms “Energy transition”, “Green agenda”, “Carbon net-zero” are gradually becoming not only households names, but are part of what we, in GreenEx, believe is the Fourth Industrial Revolution Plus.

The transition to a “greener” future involves restructuring of many areas of life, rapid development and introduction of new technologies, adoption of new national and international obligations and rules. It impacts more and more the daily life of everyone, one way or another.

It is therefore imperative that in pursuing the “green goals” the overall balance and sustainability at all levels is preserved and maintained. The “Green” transition also requires huge investments and extra funding, which still have to be generated and ensured, without this leading to deprivation of regions and population groups in the world of essential goods or services. To make the picture even more complicated: geopolitics, regional and national interests are imposed or influence some of these aspects.

Our mission

We understand our goals and Mission in offering explanations and solutions, and not lobbying for one or another approach, brand or policy. We explain and compare – you, privately or corporately, chose. You chose – we help delivering.

Service scope

In a so complicated and controversial situation GreenEx Consult offers a set of services that can be united under


approach and be your humble, yet secure Guide in the maze of a perplexed and sometimes controversial, but noble cause of achieving environmentally friendly world.

Enterprise’s green compatibility evaluation

Сalculation of the company’s specific carbon footprint

Assessment of potential measures/options to become “greener” and more competitive at home and abroad (export)

Sustainable development

ESG related services & Cross-Border Adjustment Mechanism (EU/CBAM) solutions

Practical assistance with specific emission trading:

identification, selection and procurement of off-set measures

Tech evaluation & Risk assessment

Intended investment projects (own or as part of off-setting)

Energy Efficiency

Hydrogen technologies

Strategic blueprints and Document support

Scientific expertise & Solutions

Lowering GHG emissions


Energy Efficiency+


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